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Clubhouses create a safe space where members living with mental illness can step out of the shadows of social isolation and into the light of a healing community. Through meaningful relationships, our Clubhouse members have real opportunities to reintegrate into society by becoming gainfully employed, pursuing education, and attaining stable housing.  Our umbrella organization, HERO House NW, has a 13-year history of serving King County and has a mission to facilitate expansion of Clubhouse to every community in our region. With Clubhouses throughout the Puget Sound, there will be a network of communities that provide Hope, Empowerment, Relationships, and Opportunity to those living with serious and persistent mental illness.

Since the Seattle Clubhouse opened five-days per week back in August of 2018, it has proven to be a pivotal addition to the community to help end the homelessness crisis and move unhoused individuals with mental illness back into their lives. With a strong foundation of support from both Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and the Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle Clubhouse is poised to move into the next phase of expanding their services to reach more people living with mental illness in the city. We at HERO House NW envision a world where people living with serious mental illness not only SURVIVE, but THRIVE  in communities of hope and opportunity.

A vibrant Clubhouse program in Seattle will provide family members, friends, businesses, downtown stakeholders, and persons living with mental illness a low-cost option for gaining respect, hope and unlimited opportunity to access the same world of friendship, housing, education, and employment as the rest of the community.

Our Vision: “The downtown Clubhouse represents Seattle’s commitment to people living with the effects of mental illness, that they will not be abandoned, but restored to full membership in our community as capable and contributing persons.”

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Why a Clubhouse in Seattle?

Persistent mental illness is a devastating disruption to a person’s life that separates and isolates them from typical daily activities. An estimated 19% of the population lives with mental illness and 6%—one in every 17 Americans—suffers from serious mental illness. Mental illness does not discriminate—it strikes people of all ethnic groups, religions, and economic brackets. In King County alone, 10,000 people seek treatment annually for severe mental illness. The services currently available in our county are inadequate to meet their needs. Existing programs mostly focus on crisis care and temporary treatment rather than on the ongoing recovery process. People can regain their mental health, but not with medication alone. Social and vocational rehabilitation services are a critical component of well-being and recovery for those living with mental illness.

To fill the gap between what is available and what is still needed in our community. The first Clubhouse program in the Seattle area will provide people living with mental illness a cost-effective option for gaining respect, hope, and unlimited opportunity to access the same world of friendship, housing, education, and employment as the rest of the community. It will function as much-needed extension of existing services and programs.

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Membership is voluntary and long-term, providing ongoing support at no cost to the members. The underlying premise of the Clubhouse model is that that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying and productive life. The Clubhouse is a community of people dedicated to one another’s success. Recovery is achieved in the Clubhouse through work and work-mediated relationships, which are proven to be restorative and provide a firm foundation for growth, self-respect, and individual achievement. Clubhouses provide paid employment opportunities in local community businesses for members who want to work, helping members become successful employees.

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 There are a variety of ways you can get involved today to help someone struggling with mental health issues.

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