Supportive employment has had a huge positive impact on my life. I gained the skills necessary to apply for jobs and succeed at work. I recently received an offer for a position which will start on July 15th.

I started out by developing a solid resume and cover letter which highlights my skills and experience. I learned to create cover letters which tell the story of my professional development. I made my resume clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing.
McLaren, my job coach, was encouraging and gave a lot of constructive feedback. In addition to helping me revise my resume and cover letters, she helped me prepare effectively for job interviews. We created interview preparation sheets which kept me focused and thinking clearly during the interview process. One of the most useful exercises we did was a game which involved coming up with convincing and confident answers to perplexing questions (the BS game).

We worked through my anxieties about the job application process and built my confidence with selling myself. My last interviews felt like engaging conversations and I was able to sell myself. I was super excited when I received a job offer to be a technical writer with a company that I have followed for years and am excited to work for.