“The Seattle Clubhouse is a friendly and educational place. It has made a brand new person out of me.  Before I joined clubhouse my life was dull, sad and I felt lost without purpose.  When I started coming to clubhouse, a lot of those things gradually disappeared.  I feel a little more whole now. Sadness is disappearing. Walking through the doors I feel brand new, at ease and comfortable. The fellowship here is great. I like to contribute to the clubhouse by using my culinary skills. Cooking helps gives me a sense of responsibility. I like speaking in public about how Clubhouse has helped my recovery. It feels good to share my experience to help others and encourage them to participate in clubhouse.” 


T.Y., clubhouse member

“The Seattle Clubhouse is super awesome.  They have meaningful activities and good food. My favorite activities include going to Mariner’s games, game night (I played chess that day), free pizza, and going to a park to have KFC.  I would highly recommend it to anyone because this place rocks.”

-Kenny, clubhouse member

“As a founding member of Seattle Clubhouse, my personal growth has coincided with the growth of the clubhouse. I have been involved in outreach, advocacy, hospitality, and socials.  I have met many people and have developed enjoyable relationships with members and staff. The social environment keeps me active and productive in the community. I have grown in my leadership skills and have even conquered my fear of public speaking! Being a member of Seattle Clubhouse has made me a happier person!”

-Jeff, clubhouse member

“The clubhouse has saved my life in a lot of ways.  It has given me an escape from isolation and resources to help me in the real world.”

-D., clubhouse member

“I like the support I get from clubhouse. It is a nice resource and place to go when I need to get away from day to day irritations. I have made good friends, clubhouse is  good for relationships. I like to work on the computer and take pictures for social media. It is good for my brain to be around people like me.”

-Kaid, clubhouse member

“Clubhouse has been a part of my life for a long time. I am very active at the clubhouse. I like to cook, work on the computers help with operations, and go on socials. It is a good place to make friends. Clubhouse has allowed me to be who I am. I am enjoying helping the Seattle Clubhouse up and running.”

-Michael, clubhouse member

“It is most advantageous when suffering from mental illness to fellowship with like-minded people and have the help and encouragement of staff and members at clubhouse. Staff are also available to facilitate employment outcomes.”

-Don, clubhouse member

“Clubhouse has given me a community and place to go where I feel supported and cared about. They check-in on me when I’m feeling down and celebrate with me when times are good. I truly appreciate Seattle Clubhouse.”

-Kristie, clubhouse member