Today SPU nursing came to visit Seattle Clubhouse! We are currently working alongside Hero House NW to create a project focusing on coping skills in stressful situations. We will be coming back to Seattle and Bellevue Clubhouse on May 22nd to lead a workshop about different methods of coping, and deciding which method may work best for you!

We are very excited to be partnering with Hero House NW and their members to promote wellness! We look forward to sharing the information we have gathered and continuing to build relationships with staff and members.

UPDATE: SPU nursing returned to Seattle Clubhouse and presented their final project today. It was wonderful! They facilitated a time of creating personalized coping cards with our members and staff. These are a really practical tool for our community and something that we’ll use for a long time to come. Thanks SPU nursing team! We hope you come back and work with us again in the future.