Vegan and Vegetarian Wine Food Pairings - Natalie MacLean

Why is it so important for people recovering from mental illness to eat our veggies? Because science is learning more and more every day about how our “gut” feelings come from bacteria that live in our digestive tract and help us digest our lunch. When we feed those bacteria good foods like vegetables, fresh fruits, and plenty of grains and legumes, they get the fuel they need so they can generate beneficial chemicals that help us relax when we need to calm down, in addition to giving us the energy we need to be strong.

Seattle Clubhouse provides us with a healthy and affordable meal every day at noon. If you’re struggling with food insecurity due to a mental illness, please come visit us for lunch and consider becoming a member. Not only will you get a healthy meal, you’ll make some friends who can share you experience, strength, and hope in your recovery from mental illness.

You’re not alone and you’re worth treating well.